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There's no other place on the earth like Quartzsite, Arizona!  

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The Quartzsite Visitor Guide is distributed to a targeted audience. Your message is getting in the hands of those who requested information on Quartzsite specifically

The entire publication will be posted to QUARTZSITEVISITORGUIDE.COM as an interactive brochure with direct links to our advertiser’s websites.​​

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 The Quartzsite Visitors Guide & Business Directory is the ONLY guide that reaches visitors before they arrive in the Quartzsite area...and before they make important lodging, dining, and itinerary decisions.

The Official Visitor Guide is just that - OFFICIAL. It is the primary information resource mailed by the Quartzsite Business Chamber of Commerce Area in response to increasing number of visitor and vendor inquiries it receives each year.

Desert Messenger, Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper was established in 2004. Now in our 11th year, the Messenger is your source for Quartzsite news, events & entertainment. 

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Boogie Woogie Blues and the Famous Naked Book Store Owner



Get your message in front of thousands of visitors planning a fun filled visit to Quartzsite!​ The newly redesigned, expanded edition of 2015-2016 Quartzsite Visitor Guide provides everything a visitor needs to know!

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